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Corporate Goals

Securing and increasing customer satisfaction through

  • active customer service
  • competent implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • reliable and fast handling of customer requests and orders


 Motivating and involving employees by

  • encouraging further development of employees through continuous education, seminars and other training and skill enhancement activities in all departments
  • involving employees in problem solving and decision-making processes
  • providing safe and modern workstations


 Securing reliable and qualified suppliers through

  • targeted selection
  • partnering in research and development


 Protecting the company by

  • generating adequate returns
  • retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones

 Customer-oriented products and services through

  • targeted development of system solutions
  • market-readiness for services
  • cross-departmental product marketing
  • proprietary development, application technology and engineering in all areas


 Ensuring global and efficient communication by

  • continuously developing our IT environment to the latest technologies
  • providing various communication platforms to customers and suppliers


 High recognition level and a positive image through

  • public events
  • corporate identity


Conscious use of resources by

  • preventing waste