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Lupino SA-10

Touchless Labeler

The Lupo SA-10 labeling system was designed for the contact-free labeling of products with different surface geometries. Because the application tamp does not have any direct contact with the product, it is possible to label sensitive products such as glass reliably and with repeat accuracy. To incorporate the applicator with blow/tamp function, the base label dispenser is mounted perpendicular to the X-Y tube support. The dispenser application unit can be positioned accurately and quickly using the manually adjustable, smooth-running spindle. The compact and space-saving unit can be integrated into individual assembly workstations or production lines. Short cycle times can be easily realized with the fast dispensing and transfer processes of labels combined and short application stroke. 


Label dimensions

Basic version transmitting width 80 - 160 mm; other widths available on request

Up to ± 0,5 mm

Standard scan with light barrier Optional scanning with other sensors when using transparent labels

Max. 20 m/min, depending on label height

  • Construction left or right side
  • The product rests during the labeling
  • Applicator with vacuum stamp for accurate label application
  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Flexibly adjustable
    • Optional equipment: 
    • Visual missing label control 
    • Mobile floor stand 
    • Add-on modules for 
      * external systems 
      * booklet-labels 
      * wrap around labeling 
      application with stamp