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Lupo THSA-10

Contact-free multiple label application

The Lupo THSA-10 labeling system was developed for contact-free multiple labeling of products with curved surfaces. The core of this system are four S-10 industrial dispensers with applicators incl. a blow tamp for the labels. Each labeling unit is mounted to a support and can be adjusted quickly and accurately in X and Y using a spindle with hand wheel. The products, motor saws in this application, are positioned between two labeling units with a pneumatically driven linear unit with product holder. The adhesive labels are applied contact-free with a defined air blast. Consequently, there is no mechanical contact between application tamp and product. A rigid machine frame made of aluminum extrusions serves as the machine base. The motion system, all covers and connections are made of stainless steel. The operation is extremely simple: After inserting the product, the fully automatic labeling routine is started by removing your hands from the safety light curtain. Reaching in during the labeling process actuates the protective circuit - this leads to the immediate shutdown of all moving and driven components. The system is easy to operate via an industrial touch panel.