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Print & Apply Systems

With our print&apply systems you can label a multitude of products either semi- or fully automatic in start-stop operation or continuous feed utilizing a positioning tolerance of under 1 mm. The machines presented here are examples of the most important applications for automatic identification systems - unprinted labels are printed "on-demand" and subsequently applied. If you have not found the right solution, please contact us for a free consultation.

Lupo VPA-36 Basic

Print & apply system with many options for any industry

The Lupo VPA-36 Basic is the ideal device for automated print and apply processes in production lines. Precise label positioning and compact design make this system the choice for industrial labeling applications.

Lupo HPA-36

Wrap-around labeling of cylindrical products

The semi-automatic labeling system HPA-36 was developed for labeling cylindrical products.

Lupo VPAB-36

Accurate Application of very thin labels

The Lupo VPAB-36 is the ideal device for permanent industrial operations plant. The precise and variable label printing and the accurate positioning of application enables simple labeling of your products.

Lupo HPAB-53

Bubble-free application of labels on special cylindrical bodies

The round table unit Lupo HPAB-53 was designed for the application of variable, printed labels onto cylindrical objects with different diameters. It must be integrated into a production line.