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Lupo HPA-36

Wrap-around labeling of cylindrical products

The semi-automatic labeling system HPA-36 was developed for labeling cylindrical products.


Product dimensions

Diameter between 5 [0.2 in] and 40 [1.57 in] mm; 
additional sizes upon request

Up to 350 parts per hour

100V AC - 230V AC; 50 Hz - 60 Hz

5 bar

1000 mm [39.37 in] x 650 mm [25.59 in] x 2000 mm [78.74 in] (w x d x h)

  • Bubble-free application of individually printed labels on cylindrical products
  • Applicator with a vacuum tamp for position accurate application
  • Processing of various diameters
  • The label is wrapped around the product twice for added scratch/abrasion protection
  • High process reliability