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Lupo HPAB-53

Bubble-free application of labels on special cylindrical bodies

The round table unit Lupo HPAB-53 was designed for the application of variable, printed labels onto cylindrical objects with different diameters. It must be integrated into a production line. The core piece of the unit is a round table with four stations. The individual stations assume the following functions: at the first station, the round components are transferred from the production line to the round table. The labels are printed at the second station, then transferred and applied using a specially built rolling unit. Next, a camera controls the content and the position of the print layout. The fourth station feeds the labeled product back to the production line.


Label dimensions

Width: 20 - 110 mm, other dimensions available 
Height: min. 20 mm

Winding: inner- or outer winding
Inner core - Ø : 76 mm (3 inch) 
diameter - Ø max. 280 mm (11 inch); optional larger

Approx. 6 sec

Up to 0,5 mm

1600 x 1200 x 2300 mm (w x l x h)

  • Labels are wound-up - an even and complete adhesion is guaranteed
  • Bubble-free application of printed labels on cylindrical objects
  • Application height and position of the labels can be flexible adjusted depending on the size of the product
  • Communication with a master system via Profibus
  • Print data processing and their administration is attached in the connected system
  • Optical control of print image and position of the print layout on the label