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Lupo VPAB-36

Accurate Application of very thin labels

The Lupo VPAB-36 is the ideal device for permanent industrial operations plant. The precise and variable label printing and the accurate positioning of application enables simple labeling of your products.


Label dimension

Min. 4mm x 4mm; 
up to200mm x 60 mm (length x width)

Up to 0,25 mm (0,01Inch)

Approx. 3 sec/stroke, 
depending on the label

Min. 5 bar

700 x 700 x 1100 mm (w x d x h)

  • Easy integration into production lines
  • The labeling process is monitored by a camera system
  • Applicator with vacuum stamp for accurate label application with the aid of a retractable liner
  • Transfer of the label through stripping of the liner
  • Small and compact design
  • Application can be positioned as required: vertical or horizontal alignment left or right
  • Optional: * Image processing of control* components* Verification of bar codes or 2D-codes