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Lupo PA-60

Automated multi-label application by a robot system

A robot labeling system of the quite special manner which fast, flexibly and simply brands your product. A robot arm can pick up labels at various locations and can apply them on the product in different positions. The robot can even be used to apply a combination of individually printed labels and laminate film. In its dimensions and speed of movement, the resiliently flexible lightweight robot is based on a human arm. One special feature is that the robot is very safe when in physical contact with users, so it can be used in the immediate vicinity of people.


Label dimensions

From 5x5mm to DIN A4; (Depending on the application);
Label size will be determined by the printing or dispensing system in use

During standstill – the product should not move

Up to ± 0,1 mm

200-240 VAC 50-60 Hz;
approx. 200 watt power for an average range

18 kg / 5 kg

  • Multiple label application with one system
  • Flexible label positioning
  • Quick and easy integration into existing production lines
  • Compact system with little space requirements
  • Easy to use and simple to teach
  • The robot meets European ISO standard 10218 on safety requirement for industrial robots
  • Optional:
    product handling by the robot arm