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Multi-coloured label for car batteries.Because of a small recess in the print image, the acid level of the battery can be checked. Also individual production data can be added by an additional label.

Material "Base Label":
Polypropylenfilm, transparent


Features & Benefit: 

  • Polypropylene films are generally acid-resistant and temperatur-resistant from -40°C up to +90°C
  • The print image contains different legally specified warning signs, commandment and prohibition signs;
    which are still readable after extreme influences
  • The label is printed with different special colors:
  • It can be used for different battery sizes and -shapes
  • On the top there is a PET-label, printing in thermaltransfer - with individual serialnummer
  • Wölco also supplies the fitting battery labeling system in high quality


Possible Applications:

Batteries & accumulators


Laminated Labels
Laminated Labels
Laminated Labels
Lupo TVSP - 20Battery Labeling
Lupo TVSP - 20Battery Labeling
Lupo TVSP - 20
Battery Labeling