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Sustainability Management

Sustainable implementation of environmental, economic and social goals

The CCL Design Stuttgart GmbH stands for a long-term partnership and stability in a successful, global environment of customers, suppliers and employees. It is our aim to ensure that all business partners and employees as well as their successive generations may benefit from present decisions in the long run and do not suffer harm under any circumstances.

Social Responsibility

Act ethically and morally according to the principles of the UN Global Compact

As a responsible company CCL Design Stuttgart has documented its social responsibility towards its employees and business partners in its Code of Conduct. It covers fundamentals such as full respect of human rights, strict rejection of child labour und fair treatment of business partners and employees.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Improvement by Assessing and Reducing our Energy Input

To meet our own demand regarding the efficient use of Material- and Energy-Resources and to fulfill the legal requirements of the German Energiedienstleistungsgesetz (EDL-G) as well as the European Guideline 2012/27/EU, an Energy-Audit acc. to DIN EN 16247-1 was performed and successfully completed in Nov. 2019. Our goal is the further reduction of energy consumption and so to contribute to an improvement of our CO² Climate Footprint.