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Lupo VSLPA-36

Print Laminate and Apply

Lupo VSLPA-36 - the laminator integrated in the assembly line. One step to the optimal identification solution. This variable marking meets the highest requirements on resistance.


Label dimensions

Base label: 50x35 mm Laminate 
label: 48x33 mm 
(other sizes after definition possible)

Approx. 4 sec. per label; 
Depends on label size and data volume

Linear along guides ± 50mm

Approx. ± 0,2 mm; With adjustment flaps

840 x 640 x 790 mm (h x w x l)

  • Easy and fast change of consumables (labels, ribbons)
  • Combination of print- and laminate system
  • Individual laminate selection (Yes / No)
  • Compact design
  • Integration to assembly lines
  • PC control with Soft-PLC incl. administration of the print data
  • Modular extinction for cable marking