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Powertrain - Labels

Various preprinted labels are further customized by our customers through thermal transfer printing. By engineering the perfect combination of adhesive, ink and thermal transfer ribbon we fulfill even the highest customer expectations.

  • Our 3205 10 03 silver Polyester meets the particularly strenuous demands placed on ID labels in automotive environments such as engine compartments etc.
  • The label seals a vent hole in the component
  • The high accuracy in our production enables precise inscription using our thermal transfer ribbon WT7100.
  • Extreme resistance against solvents. we have tested 30 solvents ( 48 hours at 176 Fahrenheit). We also conducted testing during which the labels were exposed to various oils, ethanol, gasoline and diesel fuels.
  • Thermic testing has yielded excellent results:
    >> Testing for climate change:
    -40°/266° Fahrenheit [100 cycles]
    >> Salt spray test DIN 50021 [168 hours]
    >> Vapor stream test DIN 40050 - IPX 9 [80 bar]
  • Colors such as black, blue, green, red and brown are currently in use with and without 2D-Code
    >> We have developed 130+ applications that are currently in use
  • Short lead times due to blanket orders


One Colored Labels
One Colored Labels
One Colored Labels
Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal Transfer Ribbons