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Boreholes on component parts have to be covered to avoid the contamination with dust and dirt. This is achieved by applying a selfadhesive film. During the subsequent assembly process, the label can be removed in segments without leaving any residue.

Two-layer construction:

A: Base label: material 4106 15 01 - Polypropylene 60?m printed with red (RAL3001)

>> This label has two segments

B: Cover label: material 4006 15 00 - Polypropylene 60?m printed with black (only symbol "recycling")

>> “bridges” the two segments of the base label forstability

>> partially laminated


  • Removable without leaving any residue on the substrate, even after extreme conditions (temperature & humidity)
    >> saves time & avoids complex cleaning process
  • Partial adhesive zone coating (“deadening”) allows for easy handling of the label
  • Special die-cut geometry


The label is used to cover boreholes on a metal block.The label consists of two base label segments, which are stabilized by a secondary laminated, transparent “bridge” film to ensure stable automatic label application. Upon removal of the first label segment the transparent film is completely removed – only the second segment of the base label remains on the component part. This can then also be removed in a second process step.


Multi Colored Labels
Multi Colored Labels
Multi Colored Labels