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Precision-Stamped Part

The functional label has removed die-cut areas without compromising the liner. We have been successful in implementing a new technology that reduces the minimum widths in contour stamping from 1.1 mm down to 0.5 mm.

  • Various self-adhesive materials can be used
  • When applied in cellular phones certain self-adhesive materials can shield components from unwanted currents. More specifically, these materials protect the SIM card from being short-circuited.
  • Due to the special construction of die-cuts, we are able to die-cut and remove this area without damaging the liner.
    >> This allows for high speed applications and a stable processing flow.
  • The die-cut part can have remaining contours of under 1 mm (see below illustration); we achieve CpK values of > 1.66 with the most limited tolerances.
    >> Due to this new tool technology, we can accomplish the smallest dimensions in stampings.


Die-Cut Parts
Die-Cut Parts
Die-Cut Parts