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Sealing labels with pull tab

A pull tab positioned laterally as part of the product ID label allows an easy removal off the liner. An overlaminate protects the print from mechanical forces and aggressive mediums.


The material was selected based on the corresponding substrates. Paper with various adhesives is used as the base material, which is then laminated with a protective film.
Samples have the following construction:
Yellow label
>> 1108 0500 (removable) + 3003 1004 (laminate)
Blue Label
>> 1107 0100 (permanent) + 3003 1004 (laminate)


Features and Benefit: 

  • Labels printed in two colors
  • The liner is partially die-cut along the contour of the tab
  • Labels protect the connectors against dirt and can be removed residue-free upon installation

Application area:

In the manufacture of electronic components, a label is used to identify and protect ports from dirt. During installation, the label can be removed without leaving any residue by using the pull tab on the side.