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Flexible Multi-Labelíng

Nine separate labels with variable technical production-related information are printed in one step. Individual labels can be applied at various workstations. Some of the labels can be used for dual application.

Material - Base Label:

3105 2006 can be printed with a variety of TT ribbons
>> other materials from the CCL Design portfolio can also be used

Features and Benefit: 

  • The label set consists of 9 labels in different dimensions
  • The entire set has dimensions of 115 x 295 mm:
    Label 1:   100 x 150 mm
    Label 2:    135 x  20 mm
    Label 3:      20 x  70 mm
    Label 4-9:   20 x  75 mm
  • An additional pull tab on the adhesive side simplifies the removal of the parts labels


Application area:

The 6-part label block (120 x 75 mm) is specially constructed for  dual application:
1. First, the entire 6-part label block is applied to a surge tank
2.During final installation, the part labels are successively detached from the surge tank and applied to the integrated components;
>> A transparent laminate remains on the surge tank