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Nine separate labels with variable technical production-related information are printed in one step. Individual labels can be applied at various workstations. Some of the labels can be used for dual application.

  • Self-adhesive material 3105 20 06 can be printed with a variety of thermal transfer ribbons.
    >> Other materials from the Woelco portfolio can also be chosen
  • The label set consists of 9 labels in different dimensions.
    The entire set has dimensions of 115 x 295 mm:
    - Label 1: 100 x 150 mm
    - Label 2: 135 x 20 mm
    - Label 3: 20 x 70 m
    - Label 4-9: 20 x 75 mm
  • The 6-part label block (120 x 75 mm) is specially constructed for a application:
    1. First, the entire 6-part label block is applied to an interim storage bin
    2. During the final assembly, the individual labels will then be successively removed from the interim storage bin and applied onto the assembled components;
    >> A transparent laminate remains on the interim storage bin
  • To ease the removal of the individual labels, they are positioned laterally with a peel tab on the adhesive side.


Multi-Part Labels
Multi-Part Labels
Multi-Part Labels
Thermal Transfer Printers
Thermal Transfer Printers
Thermal Transfer Printers