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Window Labels

A preprinted base label can be manually labeled with additional information. Afterwards the label will be adhered full-faced to the inside of the windshield. So all the necessary information remains protected against weather influences.

Composite material made of Polypropylen films Woelco material: 
4010 1500 and 4106 1101

Features & Benefits:

  • Manual insciption with permanent marker and labeling by hand
  • Removal without adhesive residue
  • The adhesive shows minor yellowing and ages very slowly due to its high resistance to UV irradiation
  • The inclusion of Barcode/2D-Code allows a large amount of data to be stored in a small space 
  • Manually applied or by barcode printed information ensures clear traceability
  • Function as in the vignette
    >> Number can be used only once.
    >> Personalization is possible.
  • For fast and easy handling, the contour of the support material is pre-cut all around
  • Easy to separate from the label roll because of the perforation


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Asset Labels
Asset Labels
Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels