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Manufacturing Process


For printing of self-adhesive material we can offer you various printing processes. Only UV drying-based printing inks are used. These UV printing inks have very high media resistance and are extremely scratch and abrasion resistant. 


The following machines are available:

  • UV flexo printing      
    (max. 6 colors, in one pass)
  • UV rotary screen printing
    (max. 2 colors, in one pass)
  • Digital printing      
    (up to 4 colors, in one pass) with TT ribbon
  • Offset quality digital printing   
    (up to 7 colors)


Multi color adhesive labels can be created by further machine passes. For additional labeling, we exclusively use TT printing process. The quality of the TT print image ultimately depends on the printing system and the TT ribbon used. Here we rely on high-quality printing systems and first-class resin ribbons. 

Self Adhesive Products

Modern day self-adhesive labels do not only carry vital information, but also serve as a tool system in controlling the manufacturing process. Additional functions such as anti-theft protection are also easily integrated into the label design - we offer labels in almost every format imaginable:

  • color and size according to customer specifications
  • can be delivered in rolls or in sheets
  • can be supplied for pin-feed printers
  • also available: functions such as tabs for easy handling   or reverse 
  • die-cutting of the liner for effortless label removal