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General Informations

Handling Instruction for Self-adhesive Products

General information for the pretreatment of surfaces to be stick on, application and storage of self adhesive products and labels.

Shipping information

for self-adhesive products

The correct shipping packaging depends on the type, weight and load capacity of the shipment.

List of materials

List of materials by general EC directives for REACh SVHC, ROHS III and the PAK-Regulation. 

MSDS - PRINTER - Efficiently Removes Ink,

Paper and Toner Residues of all Kinds.

PRINTER is a mixture of carefully matched solvents ideal for the removal of color and toner residues from matrix-, ink- and laser-printers. PRINTER is also very effective in cleaning the printer paper entry mechanism and keeping free from paper dust. Tiresome problems with the entry of the paper are eliminated. PRINTER does not attack the commonly used materials and evaporates without leaving any residues.


Removes Adhesive Labels Easily and Quickly.

With LABEL-OFF the tiresome removal of adhesive paper labels from all kind of material becomes easy and quick without damaging the surface. The desolving substance penetrates the paper and neutralizes the label’s adhesive strength. Residues of glue can readily be wiped off using a cloth or paper. Due to the strong dissolving power of LABEL-OFF, a few materials such as polystyrene may be attacked by the substance. In case of doubt, make a test on a small area.


Mild, Universal Cleaner with a purity of >99,9%

ISOPROPANOL is a mild and universal cleaner its excellent wetting and dissolving ability guarantees quick and reliable removal of contamination such as oil, dust, fingerprints and all kind of light dirt. ISOPROPANOL does not attack any material and evaporates quickly without leaving any residues.