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Error-free production from the start

Consistent control of print images increases label quality

At Wölco we are not taking chances, which is why we are committed to the highest quality in the printing process, keeping track of all contingencies. However, even in the printing process, the technology eventually reaches the boundaries of what is technically feasible. Even with the utmost care, one cannot completely eliminate the possibility of a small error creeping into a process. Here at Wölco, we strive to rule this out by working with and applying various control systems depending on the requirements of our clients. Together with our clients, we compile an error catalogue and align the corresponding test system with it in a targeted manner. Additional test processes ensure that every little anomaly is detected. With these 100% controlled labels, we ensure that our clients are not faced with any disruptions in their process. More specifically, we apply various downstream tests depending on the individual requirements of our clients, the optical control or print images, dimensional control as well as the verification of barcodes and matrix code recognition. A multitude of error types are included in the optical control of print images. This is how we filter out slight contaminations, missing symbols, tapered characters, and even stains and chip marks in the equipment. Small variations in register between colors or slight distortions in the print image, which result from changes in the web tension when processing flexible films, are also identified by the control system. Only the dimensional compliance of label sizes are tested in the dimensional control. In the field of barcode and  2D matrix code verification, an inspection is performed according to the corresponding DIN or ANSI standard. Upon request, the tested labels can then be indexed in a PDF file as a test report. Depending on the arrangement with our clients, identified labels are simply removed at testing or are replaced with intact labels upon request. The advantage of this is obvious: we cover the cost of testing beforehand, in-house, and our clients can rest assured that only 100% error-free labels are being applied. We would be happy to advise you in detail on which methods are most cost-effective and efficient for your individual needs.  


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