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Fit for the future

Move to the industrial area “Im Letten” in Ehningen

This year a significant restructuring of the locations in Ehningen took place in order to optimize the work processes and to make them even more sustainable.

The actual company headquarters on Waldstrasse was expanded and modified in order to bring the complete business area of labeling with production and assembly under one roof. We gave up our manufacturing and logistics location on Mercedesstrasse

in favor of a new, more modern building which allows for greater sustainability. The building “Im Letten 16/1” now houses the entire area of automation of dispensing, application, printing, and scanning systems including design and assembly as well as shipping. The HR department of the entire Wölco Group has also moved into its new office space. The building next door “Im Letten 16” is equipped with a large storage area with a high rack system, which guarantees quick handling and delivery. From the receipt of adhesive materials to shipping, “Im Letten” is home to the entire Wölco logistics team. As part of the effective closed-loop system, the production materials are transported from there to the Waldstrasse location where the labels are produced. Then, the finished labels are loaded and brought to the warehouse on the way back so that they are available upon customer request. The processes at all locations have been carefully planned, optimized, and coordinated with one another in order to set the course for an economically sustainable future. The following page shows you an overview of our locat


 Wölco News 2014 (PDF)