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Online Presence in Line with Newest Trends

Wölco Website Relaunch – User-friendly with a Clean New Design

All relevant company and product information can be found quickly and easily on the new Wölco website, which is sporting an updated look and feel. The company homepage was completely redesigned utilizing a new content management system.


The result is a highly user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation that is easy to update. The modern and innovative online presentation provides information that is prepared to be target group-specific with focus on the topics function labels and labeling systems, featuring a clear design as well as a highly functional application.


The redesigned website presents the modern "digital front" of Wölco.


The relaunch focused especially on web-usability aspects and optimization with respect to mobile end-user devices and search engines. The graphic design is based on requirements of widely utilized end-user devices such as desktop computers, notebooks, tablet PCs or mobile phones - devices that are primarily used to pull up the page.


The appealing design is characterized by a modern page layout that uses clearly structured areas with simple user navigation. It expertly combines functionality with well-thought-out design. Existing content of the previous Wölco website was also revised and updated. The goal was to optimally highlight the products and services. Product information has also been updated and additional download offers were added as well.


Overall a successful step to stay current with cutting-edge technology and to ensure optimal global accessibility of the company and product information around the clock. 


Wölco News 2015 (PDF)