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Simple & creative showcasing

Universally applicable: Decals for laser printers


We are constantly looking for new innovative products for our customers that save time and money and facilitate the daily work. Once more we have succeeded in developing a completely new label that not only convinces with strong advantages for professional uses, but that is also useful for everyone in their daily work. 

With Wölco WINboard we have a clever solution which conveys information in a simple, clean and swift manner.

Gone are the days where magnets, pushpins or adhesive tape were needed for posting temporary announcements. With the new Wölco WINboard you can easily imprint a DIN?A4/Letter template in your standard laser printer or copier. Available in white or transparent color, imprintable on one side or both sides and already equipped with an adhesive edge. All that remains for you to do is to simply post the template. The adhesive can be completely removed from virtually any smooth surfaces such as glass, plastics, metals, ceramics, etc., without leaving any residue. The film itself is weather-resistant and dirt-repellent. The application possibilities for Wölco WINboard are extremely diverse. Whether as a decorative eye-catcher to creatively communicate news, as a signage system for events, or for temporary hazard notes – Wölco WINboard supports the flow of information in any company. If necessary, also behind glass to be viewed from either side.

To meet the high demands on modern labels such as weather, water and heat resistance without compromising the adhesive force, Wölco has combined these criteria into the WINboard. This also allows smaller businesses to present themselves professionally to communicate their information.


 Wölco News 2013 (PDF)