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Integrated Management System

The quality management system is based on

  • IATF ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO/TS 16949:2002
  • Customer requirements
  • Legal requirements and guidelines

and is referred to as an Integrated Management System (IMS). Further management tools such as risk management, facility management, work safety and health protection are also integrated.

The key aspects of IMS are

  • Focus on the Customer: this includes not only determining the requirements, but also evaluating and implementing them in a way conducive to the demands of the customer.
  • Evaluation and measurement of customer satisfaction with the goal of increasing satisfaction continually.
  • Process Orientation: constant recognition, description, measurement and improvement of all processes and their results to optimize the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the entire process.
  • Product development derived from the automotive industry's requirements including the necessary tools and methods.
  • Inclusion of the relevant suppliers in the IMS.

IMS offers among other things

  • An effective, efficient and team-oriented project management that includes a quality planning level.
  • Clear and transparent processes and short lead times, which make quick reaction times possible.
  • The integration of modern and functional methods for the solution of problems targeted towards customer satisfaction and the prevention of errors.
  • Continuous drive to improve the existing system, and, thereby, its overall performance.
  • A guarantee that customer requirements are always given special emphasis and are known to all employees

 In practice, this means that

  • Our development process is based on the PPF model (VDA 4.1, analog to APQP of the QS 9000). It is continuously monitored for timeliness, degree of completion and fulfillment of customer requirements using predefined milestones.
  • A feasibility study is performed to ensure that the parts can be produced.
  • We supply pre-production samples to our customers according to the required procedures (EMPB, PPAP).
  • All employees participate in internal and external training to continuously advance their process- and method-related expertise.
  • An ˜Emergency Scenario™ is maintained to ensure delivery capabilities (preventative emergency planning).
  • The parameters used for all relevant processes including the definition of measures and associated resources are evaluated regularly for continuous improvement of the system and its processes.
  • Systematic dialogue takes place with all CCL Design Stuttgart employees with regard to the functionality of the existing management system and its potential for improvement.
  • A computer-based complaint management database with integrated prevention level is used for incident processing according to the 8D method.
  • Regular internal audits are performed by qualified and trained auditors (DGQ, VDA-QMC).

Integrated management system means

Actively designing and continuously improving products and processes with the aim of increasing internal and external customer satisfaction. 


CCL Design Stuttgart GmbH is certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001

Actual certificates can be downloaded here. >>