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Dispensing Systems

With our application systems, a multitude of products can be labeled at continuous high speeds ("Wipe-On"). We achieve a positioning accuracy of under 2 mm with this labeling approach. The machines presented here are examples of the most important applications for automated labeling systems in the continuous feed mode. If you have not found the right solution, please contact us for a non-binding consultation.

Lupo S-10

The perfect label dispenser for your assembly line

Our Lupo S-10 is a multi-functional label dispenser that is used as a base unit in many Woelco identification systems.

Lupo TVSP-20

Battery labeling in a single pass

There is almost no space for more labels – our Lupo TVSP-20 applies six different labels to car batteries. Four labels are applied to the top of the battery and two labels are applied to two sides of the battery.

Lupo THS-10

Application of extensive labels - without air pockets

The Lupo TVS-20 labeling system was designed for the two-sided labeling of round products. Two horizontally mounted dispenser stations label the passing products on the front and back sides.

Lupo TVS-41

Wrap-around labeling of glass vials

The Lupo TVS-41 is the ideal solution for the wrap-around labeling of cylindrical products. The dispenser unit is extremely flexible, making it possible to label products with a diameter of 10 to 60 mm.