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Lupo S-10

The perfect label dispenser for your assembly line

Identify your packages with the all-purpose labeling system. Woelco Lupo S-10 was specially developed for a multitude of industrial applications. The sturdy construction and easy operation make this a highly versatile label dispenser. Height and width positioning is freely adjustable. After inserting the label roll with minimum effort, roller guides take the labels to the peel edge. Here, the labels are applied in the correct position to your products and packages. During production, the control display constantly shows the number of labeled products. We provide you with the ideal solution for your system in conjunction with perfectly coordinated labels that we manufacture ourselves.


Label dimensions

Basic version transmitting width 80 - 220 mm; other widths available on request

Up to ± 1,0 mm

Standard scan with light barrier Optional scanning with other sensors when using transparent labels

Max. 50 m/min, depending on label height

Weight Basic version: 850 x 580 x 350 mm (l x h x w). Approx. 12 kg

  • Construction left or right side
  • Labeling in continuous operation with roller or brush
  • Easy and Flexibly adjustable
  • Optional equipment: 
  • Visual missing label control 
  • Mobile floor stand 
  • Add-on modules for 
    * external systems 
    * booklet-labels 
    * wrap around labeling 
    * application with stamp