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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Just like the label material, the thermal transfer tape plays an important role in thermal transfer printing processes. Different ratios of wax, synthetic resin and various color pigments give the color ribbon its characteristics as they relate to the transferability, longevity and bond strength. Our WT ribbons come in various qualities. The quality of the printing results is dependent upon the correct match of label material and thermal transfer ribbon. Our experts will be pleased to assist you in the selection of the optimum ribbon for your application.


A) Wax Ribbons

Wax ribbons belong to the most economic quality group and have been designed especially for applications using low printing energy. They have been developed mainly for paper labels where excellent results are achieved even on rough 

B) Wax-/Resin Ribbons

The formula of premium ribbons is based on wax and resin. They are applied at medium printing energy. Premium ribbons guarantee accurate and detailed prints on smooth surfaces and are suitable for plastic labels. Compared with wax ribbons the abrasion and scratch resistance is much higher.

C) Resin Ribbons

Resin ribbons have been designed for smooth plastic surfacesand accurate printing results with high durability and are applied at high printing energy. They are particulary abrasion resistant, scratch resistant and also resistant against gasoline, alcohol and some solvents.