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Resin Ribbons

Resin ribbons have been designed for smooth plastic surfacesand accurate printing results with high durability and are applied at high printing energy. They are particulary abrasion resistant, scratch resistant and also resistant against gasoline, alcohol and some solvents.

WT7240 - white

The ultra opaque resin ribbon in double white

WT7200 - white

This white ribbon offers the same incredible durability as WT7100 resin ribbon. Even on dark substrates this ribbon produces an excellent white color.

WT7100 - black

This high quality resin ribbon generates a crisp and sharp print image while yielding the best resistance to scratching and smearing.

WT2610 - black

This thermal transfer ribbon has an excellent resistance against acetone. Only certain materials can be used in combination with this ribbon.

WT2510 - black

An all-round solution - depending on which label stock is used, excellent and resistant print results can be attained.

WT2210 - black

The classic ribbon in resin quality.