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Joined together in one building

Joined together in one building Due to continuously good marketing of our products, and their great innovation potential, our previous site in Ehningen had reached its space limits in recent years. In the past, for this reason, individual divisions were separated into various buildings to meet the increasingmarket demand. Thus the entire raw materials storage, final inspection and the labeling division were located in another part of town ("Im Letten"), at the company's headquarters in Ehningen. Because these solutions were inefficient and unsatisfactory for the long term, we were already looking for alternatives before the takeover by CCL Industries in 2016.

 At first, everything was focused on an extension on 'Waldstrasse' road. However, initial plans and cost considerations showed that an extension on the existing building wouldn’t bring the results we wanted. The CCL-Group management also didn’t see this plan as  viable. A future-oriented solution was needed. For a little while, the plan was on ice until November 2017, when an  employee informed the company management to a complex of buildings in Nufringen. At first, this building was considered too big, but upon initial examination, it quickly became obvious that it was practically predestined for CCL and its needs. This initial evaluation launched various rounds of planning, and after a short discovery phase, the initiative was presented to group management in Solingen. With a promising presentation to Peter Fleissner and Geoffrey T. Martin — who was on a tour of Europe at that time — the group’s executives finally gave their OK in February 2018. This cleared the way to purchase the building, which happened quickly with the notarized purchase agreement and official handover on April 26, 2018. In the meantime, plans were drawn up for the tradesmen, and conversion started just one day after handover — April 27, 2018.

The new building offers everything that makes a modern company stand out. It’s not far from the previous site in Ehningen, so that the staff have no problem switching locations. In addition to the accustomed comfort, there is plenty of parking for both visitors and employees. On about 7500 m², the perfectly located site has more than enough space for the whole CCL team. And lastly, all departments are in one building, and there is room for growth.Production is housed on just one level, so optimal workflow can be realized without superfluous intersections and overlaps. Transport between the two sites — Im Letten and Waldstrasse — is now history. Administration occupies the front of the building. Many of the office workstations have been equipped with modern height-adjustable desks. Working at a desk adjustable for sitting and standing helps prevent back and neck pain. Between the two parts of the building is the common cafeteria, which houses, among other things, a lounge area for communication with colleagues and visitors. Connected to this area is a separable conference or meeting room with the latest technology, so that large events or celebrations can take place on the company's own premises.An important aspect of the final decision on the property was that it appeals to employees and customers alike. The very first impression with the blue exterior giving way to a blue interior was a small preliminary decision. The whole CCL team will be able to enjoy a pleasant work environment that they can identify with and best develop in. 


CCL Acctuel 2018 (PDF)