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Insertion label for counter units

A non-adhesive film in a pre-printed and precisely die-cut form is used for labeling counter units. The film can be individually labeled in TT printing, separated by the perforation and inserted as a single label in the counter.


4120 2800 - PE monofilm white matt, thickness: 200µm

Features and Benefit: 

  • The material can be preprinted with customized colors not available with TT print
  • Precise die-cuts in differnt geometrical shapes within the label allow for an easy application into the dial
    >> the perforation eases the separation of the labels and is stable during the manufacturing process
    >> a variety of different versions are created; length or cross direction labels are pre-perforated
  • Labels are also supplied in rolls for processing in TT printers
  • Re-printable film material, even in TT printing process with high-quality resin ribbons