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Company Policy

We convince with customer-focused and innovative system solutions, executed in the most competent manner, achieving outstanding customer satisfaction. We get recommended to new customers based on mutual success. We operate in profitable industries with the goal to expand our know-how into new markets.

We are committed to task-related qualification and continuous education. This builds the base for competence and individual responsibility within the team. We offer qualified training. Occupational health and safety is part of the self-image of our company and builds an important contribution to the company‘s success.

We produce high-quality and innovative products in cooperation with responsible and environmentally aware partners thus strengthening our market share.

We, as an independent and innovative company with an economically healthy base and clear corporate goals as well as defined ethical and social responsibility, play our part in securing sustainable locations and jobs. Accountability for opportunities and risks in our global activities as well as compliance to legal requirements are binding in all areas. Continuous improvement is our commitment which sustains our future.

We are a global solutions provider for application engineering, production and sales of self-adhesive labels and functional parts including their subsequent processing technologies.

We communicate honest, direct and prompt. We use modern communication technologies and well-defined processes in order to achieve a fast flow of information. For conventional and electronic media, we guarantee data security and data protection.

We are dedicated to present ourselves to the public in an open and sincere dialogue with interested parties. This ensures a positive company image and a high degree of recognition.

We take an active role in environmental protection by using our material and energy resources in the most responsible and efficient way as well as preventing resp. minimizing environmental pollution. This helps to ensure a future worth living.