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Dual Laser Labels

This DINA5 label was developed for labeling individual items, large products and quantities for logistics processes. You can design the contents according to your requirements and use the label through standard laser printers.


Weather resistant Polymer film (Adhesive/PK-60/651)

Features and Benefit: 

  • Resistance against different solvents
    >> cleaning agents, oils, weak acids and alkalis as well as rust oil resistance
  • Individual designs
  • Barcode, QR or 2D codes can be easily integrated
  • VDA standards + CE
  • Durable and economical solution for laser printers
  • Very good heat- and weather resistance
  • High stretch and tear resistance
  • Recyclable

Application area:

These labels are very suitable for labeling box pallets. The back of the label is partially equipped with pressure-sensitive adhesive by self-adhesive technology. Or by a die-cut hole, which enables attachment with ropes, cable ties or wires.