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Write-Protect Laminate

A pre-printed basic label can be manually re-labeled with additional information. The protective foil, which has already been partially laminated, is then adhered to the base label over the entire surface. This creates a label for extreme applications.


The entire label construction consists of two materials:
A) Base material 4108 29 00 - white writeable PE-film
B) Protection film 4009 11 00 - transparent, selfadhesive Polypropylene film

Features and Benefit: 

  • The special topcoat on the base label ensures an exact manual inscription
  • In its initial stage, the overlaminate is only partially applied to the base label
    >> the unapplied portion of the laminate still features the liner, which is removed after the manual inscription, completing the entire overlamination of the base label
  • This completed construction protects against mechanical abrasions, weathering, aggressive fluids and dirt

Application area:

Any product identification with manual data inscription requiring protection against a variety of exposures